Contract to Close Representation

Realty Law, PLLC, is here to support you from the day the contract has been accepted, to the final day of closing, all for one flat fee.

Real Estate Agents undoubtedly provide value to their clients, whether helping Buyers navigate how to make the most attractive offer on the best property, or marketing a property for a Seller to negotiate the absolute best deal possible on selling a property.  

Some deals, however, are refined with the oversight of an attorney’s viewpoint on the enforceability of terms or interpretation of Deed Restrictions.  Conversely, not every real estate transaction requires representation of the terms of a deal.  Real estate sales between family members, landlords and their tenets, or general for sale by owner deals don’t benefit from the main benefit of a real estate agent.  This does not mean that a several hundred-thousand-dollar transaction should be entered into without the oversight and guidance of a professional.  The great unknown of lenders, title companies, and communicating with the other side to the deal benefit from the ounce of prevention an attorney can provide to avoid a pound of cure later on down the road.


The Complexities of a Commercial purchase and sale agreement all but demand representation, as the nuances of feasibility periods, environmental assessments, entity assignments and formation, and oftentimes in house counsel representing one side to a deal can turn a good deal bad quickly.  Hiring an attorney to educate you, represented or not, on whether the terms of a deal are in line with the market is essential.  


Residential Contract to Close Representation

On the residential side, our Contract to Close representation was created from this need to have the terms of a deal be enforceable, without paying someone to get both parties to agree to those terms.  Whether it is a buyer or a seller, this Contract to Close Representation includes the drafting of the Contract on your agreed upon terms, giving you the answers for the question you may not have known to even ask, as the starting point.  


Seller’s Disclosures, Third Party Financings, and Property Association Addendums, along with less common items like lead paint disclosures and septic notices, are all part of this representation.  Many of these documents are mandated by statute, carrying exposure to liability if overlooked.  


Once the terms have been refined into a contract and signed off on, the representation continues ‘to closing.’  This includes arranging a calendar of alerts for important dates, helping schedule inspections and disclosures, opening the contract with a title company, and most importantly, reviewing the Title Commitment for any objectionable exceptions that could scuttle a deal.  Additionally, we can incorporate our financing services into any deal to aid a buyer through family or owner financing.    

Contract to Close Fee Structure

Unlike the commission based fees realtors earn for getting you the best price, we work on a flat fee to best ensure you close on the price you already agreed to.  

Request your consultation today to discuss the nuances of your deal and get your contract to the closing table. 

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